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Eric Chester, award winning speaker and best selling author, discusses a workplace culture that inspires the emerging workforce to perform at its best level, and what “work ethic” means with the Opportunity Coalition Founder and CEO, Brian Watson.  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN.

"My grandparents immigrated to this country, and you think about what people sacrifice to come here, they are looking for the great American Dream -- which I believe is still alive -- and they are looking for that opportunity." - The Founder and CEO of the Opportunity Coalition, Brian Watson, while interviewing Derrick Wilburn, Founder and CEO of The Rocky Mountain Black Conservatives, for the Opportunity Coalition podcast.  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN.

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"The vision for Afrikmall is to provide a market space where Africans bring their products, be it cultural, education, entertainment, and present it in a much higher class to the American customer who is looking for something different." - Cobina Lartson, CEO of Afrikmall



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We are proud to announce that Northstar's Founder & CEO, Brian Watson, has been selected to join The Leadership Program of the Rockies 2015 Class. LPR is a positive, impactful organization that helps equip leaders to serve throughout the U.S.

"Who was I to go out and start my own company? Who was I not?" - Founder and CEO of Northstar Commercial Partners, Brian Watson at Liberty Lab Denver

What's stopping you from going out and achieving your dreams?

Individuals starting a business should seek out successful entrepreneurs for advice, not money.

What other advice would you give someone looking to start their own business?

Are you ready to believe in yourself and see what doors will open?

Below are some quotes from a talk that Northstar's CEO, Brian Watson, gave to aspiring entrepreneurs. What are your thoughts about these statements...? If you haven't done so already, we encourage you to like the Opportunity Coalition page and please attend their next event this coming Thursday! Learn more at: Together we can make a positive difference!

Do you have a healthy and productive #competitive spirit?

Do you wake up and HAVE to go to work every day, or do you wake up and DO what you are passionate about?

What obstacles are you facing on the path to achieving your dreams?

Do you ever find yourself saying 'the time is inconvenient' or 'maybe I wasn't meant to do this'?